1 - 3 September 2017
Teleki Estate Gorneşti, Mureş






Last days of August, that clear signal that everything is about to change… The first weekend of autumn. Those billboards reminding us it’s time to go back to school, back to work, back to reality!  The pressure. The agony. But… what about saying “time out” for a moment and making this transition easier and less ordinary? Maybe we can get just one more weekend of crazy fun before we go back to the city life and to the every day routine?…

… And that’s how AWAKE came to life. A boutique music & arts festival, in a cozy & enchanted location. A festival like we’ve always dreamed of, celebrating life in all shapes and colors, an explosion of vibrancy and joy, visual spectacles and relaxation to the max, with lots of fun and wonderful attractions to keep you on your toes and ready for an adventure to last… until next year!

Nestled in the in the heart of Transylvania, within the lush green park of the 18th century Teleki estate – considered the “most beautiful castle in Ardeal/Erdély”, AWAKE is looking to offer an eclectic festival experience, by mixing music, art, food, drinks and ideas and putting them in the spotlight for some extra holiday time. AWAKE is not just concentrating on music performances, but also celebrating various forms of art and the picturesque outdoors. We didn’t want to follow the typical festival model, and just set up a series of concerts with some extra activities on the side. What we aim for is to make AWAKE a full 3-day experience for the body, mind and soul.

The stunning natural surroundings serve as the perfect background for transforming your stay into a memorable experience. If during the day you can explore our vast array of workshops, discussion centers, wellbeing areas and food markets featuring local traditions next to gourmet & street food trucks, during the evening you can go wild through the ethereally lit Transylvanian forest, between the beautiful designed stages, art installations, hidden meadows and our own brewery.

So… are you looking for a place where you can be dancing like nobody’s watching one moment and chilling out in peaceful meadows in the next? A place where you can shed your “daily routine” skin and be free to express yourself as you wish? A place where you can tap into that side of yourself that allows you to become “one with the universe”, whilst exploring new experiences and share them with like minded people? A place to lose yourself in order to find yourself?

Well, maybe AWAKE is just what you’ve been looking for.  And for sure, you are what we’ve been looking for. Because we feel that the best festival fun comes not only from the amazing live performances on stage or from the beat the DJ drops, or just the location or the various activations around… We feel that what gives a festival that extra kick to make it a great festival it’s the energy & soul of the people that attend it. You. We are AWAKE if you are AWAKE.