1 - 3 September 2017
Teleki Estate Gorneşti, Mureş






Direct transport to AWAKE Festival

Those who had a fear that in order to get to the fairytale land of AWAKE Festival they had to cross countries and seas, can now relax because the road to AWAKE is short, direct and full of helping hands, Balint Trans being one of them. They arranged a direct bus line for the audience from Tirgu Mures to the wonder land of the festival, with return. The festival is taking place on the estate of Teleki Castle in Gornesti, just 17 km away from Tirgu Mures, which can be very easily reached by train, personal car or … bike!

Teleki Castle estate, the host of the first AWAKE edition, is located on the National Road 15, between Tirgu Mures and Reghin, a route that can be taken easily and fast during the festival days, the audience having more transport options:

  1. Direct journeys with the AWAKE buses will be available from Balint Trans, which will leave to the festival every day between 1-3 September from the city center of Tirgu Mures, starting with 15:00. These will bring the audience to the festival entrance and back. The rides will be regular with a frequency of approximately 20 minutes. However, depending on the flow of people, the buses will raise their frequency. The buses will be available until 4:00 in the morning, so the audience will be able to choose the same transport option on their way back to the city. The rides are surcharged , one ticket for one ride costs 5 lei.
  2. By train. There are more CFR trains leaving Tirgu Mures and stopping in Gornesti, some of them being available starting with noon: 14:25 and 15:30, or in the evening: 19:15, 22:50. There are different options to travel by train with return, and those interested in the exact schedule can access the CFR Calatori website for complete information.
  3. By car. Either coming by personal car, with friends or applying the carpooling principle, those interested in car transport can relax because there is a special space for parking. The access to the car park is free, but between it and the festival entrance there is a 1 km distance.
  4. Motorcycle or bicycle. Because the trail is short and very well maintained, the route Tirgu Mures – Gornesti can be easily rode by two wheels. More than that, Unde Verde Association and Mures Community Foundation have prepared a touristic route between Tirgu Mures and Gornesti, exactly on the shore of Mures River, through a charming scenery, away from the intense traffic form the national road. On the 1st of September, at 16:00, there is an organized start from the city, exactly from the Mures River Shore – “La 7 plopi”, to the festival, where we invite as many two wheels riders to join. Special parking for bicycles are going to be available at the festival entrance.


AWAKE will take place between 1 – 3 September, details about what is being prepared for the audience  are accessible either on the festival’s website, www.awakefestival.ro or the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AWAKEFestival.Ro. Under the Bridge Cinema to Forest Library, oversized artistic installations to under the tree stage and playground relaxation zones, everything is brought to life, therefore some of the most beautiful festival experiences are being prepared, in the middle of the nature!

Available festival passes can be found on www.eventim.ro and its related chains. Their price is 185 lei, or 205 lei, with camping included. Camping spaces are limited, so we ask the ones interested in booking their tent space to do it earlier, by purchasing their camping tickets, or an upgrade for already installed tents or Glamping accommodation. Details can be found on the website, in the Accomodation section.